Terminal Velocity

Producer: Jim Niehues

Executive Producer: Dave Taylor

Published: 02/28/2011

Development Duration: 1 week

EP Comments

Excellent coding job, fun to play. need to work on pacing, design more game elements like different car types. start score system at first level. Font can be bigger

Terminal Velocity

To the reader this note,

I have decide that after living for so many years, good ol Death must have forgotten me. Regaurdless of Deaths tardyness, Old age has still taken its toll. I am fed up with moving at half a snails pace, and living a life with no end in sight. I have strapped a pair of rockets to my wheelchair and am headed for the highway. I go to seek life's speed limit, the Terminal Velocity.

But I need your help. My reflexes aint used to be, so I someone to remotely steer for me. Please avoid hitting the other vehicles. They may be slower than me, but they are still bigger.

~ This grumpy old man

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