PoiBoy 2

Producer: Caleb Brown

Executive Producer: Dave Taylor

Published: 04/04/2011

Development Duration: 2 weeks

EP Comments

Don't let mouse disappear. Give more of a transition screen. The attract mode is a good start. Really consistent art direction, with the exception of the off-screen arrows. Solid job. Unfortunately, feel is nowhere near as good as original, or it would be silver/gold. Pacing is good, but there wasn't a lot of variation.

  • PoiBoy 2 Gameplay

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Protect the tribe with the power of poi!
Move the mouse in a circle to swing the flaming poi ball into the invading spirits. Turn up the volume for dynamic tribal trance!


Mouse - Movement
P - Pause
R - Restart
M - Mute
Esc - Menu/Exit
C - Credits


Caleb Brown

Jim Niehues

James Snipes

Chain Deephanphongs

Produced in 3 weeks
Photos & Screenshots
  • Level 5
  • Level 8
  • Menu
  • Level 7