Num Fingers

Producer: Caleb Brown

Executive Producer: Dave Taylor

Published: 04/18/2011

Development Duration: 2 weeks

EP Comments

Fantastic work. The beats are addictive, and the pacing is excellent. The survival lines on the sides and the "nice/perfect" messages don't match the rest of the art direction. Almost perfect match to the release platform with the use of the keys. Attract mode is excellent. Would prefer to have seen a trailer, Mac, and web versions. Suffers from some bugs to do with muting when you pause. Enter not a good key to pause.

  • Num Fingers Gameplay

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Enter the path to numness
Minimize senseless actions as you wander the path. Let the music guide you. Press the number keys to get num.


Beats - Number Pad
Pause - Enter


Jim Niehues

Caleb Brown

Associate Producer
James Snipes

Produced in 2 weeks
Photos & Screenshots
  • Num Fingers Menu
  • Num Fingers Song Intro
  • Num Fingers Gameplay
  • Num Fingers Gameplay 2